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The mobility of knowledge and people

Many technology companies are experiencing a knowledge and capacity challenge because of the growing shortage of skilled technicians/engineers.

Thanks to the strong national and European network within various labor markets, we are able to offer a solution to this challenge. Sempre Technology fulfills this by recruiting and staffing (inter)national technicians/engineers where there is a demand for it.

This network includes several leading (technical) universities, recruitment partners, engineering companies and government agencies. By using this network, Sempre Technology is able to find knowledge and capacity for it's clients without having to compromise on quality and quantity.

Besides that we work by the following values: 

  • Cooperation       : Strive to pursuit our goals as individuals and as a team.
  • Transparent       : Do what we say and we act in transparency.
  • Quality minded   : Sempre (Always) strive to optimize quality.
  • Goal oriented     : Assess, plan, act and contribute to solve.


"For our customers we are a partner in helping them achieve their goals by supporting them with their challenges in regards of recruitment, employment, onboarding and integration of new employees."

Stefan Schepers - Founder

First contact
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First Contact

We strive for a strong partnership with our clients, but you cannot achieve that just like that. You have to invest in it to build it up.

It is true that every relationship has a starting point, via a telephone call, via our network or via teams. This is our first step towards the goal of having a strong partnership. 

Sempre Technology is pleased to meet you.

Consultancy en advies internationalisering organisatie
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Consultancy and Advice

What are your or the company's goals for the future? Do these goals get in danger due to a lack of skilled engineering talent?

Two examples of important questions to discuss so that we can give our professional advice on how to act towards the future. 

Use our expertise and knowledge, trust us: we have been there before. 

Inventarisatie van behoefte en criteria’s
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Gather Intel

Interesting part of the process: gathering all the information needed for us to be able to make the perfect match. Going in dept doesn't only mean you get more information, you also get to know each other better.

Together with you we will work on an ideal profile of the persons that are going to help you to achieve the set goals. 


Opstarten recruitment
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Start up the recruitment proces

Now the fun part starts. 

Sempre Technology starts up the recruitment proces and the recruitment specialists will search for the best candidates. Find a match! 

We will have multiple candidates to present after the search is done. The client deside witch cadidates can take the next step in the proces. 

Invliegen van selectie naar Nederland
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Fly in the selection for interviews

Let´s see if there is a click with the candidates. The chosen cadidates come over to The Netherlands for a face to face interview. Sempre Technology takes care of the whole process in terms of flights, hotels and the planning of interviews. 

We also have a strong believe in a way of working during a recruitment day. Let's meet up so that we can share this with you. 

"After the screening interview, I got a call telling me I will be flown to the Netherlands to have an interview at the company I was recruited for. The whole process was completely organized and covered by Sempre, from airplane tickets, transport to hotel and the accommodation itself."

Francis - Test Engineer at VDL

Verzorgen van contractsignings
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Take care of the contracts and onboarding

We achieved success together: new employees have been selected to be hired. 

Of course the work doesn't stop here, we will be responsible for the onboarding. Sempre Technology will make sure the employee has a "soft landing" in The Netherlands.

A few things we provide for the employee:

  • Take care flights and transportation
  • Appointment for a IBAN and BSN number
  • Give information about the Dutch tax- and salary system 
  • The selected accommodation will be ready to move in
  • Health insurance and GP
  • This list goes on and on: from where you get a bicycle to how you convert a driver's license.
Read more about onboarding new employees

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