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How do I become a "Sempre Technology Talent?"

You probably have certain expectations about your new employer, that's understandable. Everything is new, also our relationship. 

When you have taken the step to work with us, you can expect these values from us: 

  • Always act in honesty and transparency
  • Short and fast communication lines, (almost) 24 hours a day
  • A "we do what we say and say what we do" mentality
  • Encouraging self-development
  • Share our network and of course having a great time
"Overall my experience has been very positive, living in a different country broadens your horizons, you get to know and adapt to a different culture and reality. During my first 5 or 6 months I went to work by bike, which was something I always wanted to try."

Altino - Maintenance Engineer at Mitusbishi

Step 1: Show your skills and ambitions
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Step 1: Show your skills and ambitions

We found you or you found us.

Now it's time to show your ambition, your drive and your future goals: that's what it's about. By telling us your story we will go out and do our job to find you a suitable position. 

  • "Get to know" digital interview 
  • Share vacancy information 
  • Match making
Interview time!
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Step 2: Interview time

Alright, you got selected for your dream job, what's next? You're not alone in this, we help you along with: 

  • Training for your interview skills 
  • Preparation for your interview 
  • Arrange your trip to the Netherlands 
  • Guide you through the process


"Sempre Technology has offered me a new opportunity as well as new beginning, one that I intend to embrace!"

Kenneth - On Site Service Engineer at Atlas Copco

Step 3: Contract signing
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Step 3: Contract offer

Congratulations, you're almost there!

Of course we understand that signing a new contract is a big thing, especially when it involves a new company in a new country. Different laws and a differtent tax system is applicable. That is why we provide: 

  • 1 on 1 guidance throughout understanding the contracts
  • Explain the Dutch Tax System 
  • Give insights on Gross and Nett salary 
Relocation to The Netherlands
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Step 4: Relocation to The Netherlands

Now the fun part starts. 

You went through the whole interview process and now it's time to prepare yourself on moving to The Netherlands. But how do you find a house with a pool? A school for the kids? Or even opening a Dutch bank account cause' it would be nice to receive some salary for you hard work right? 

No worries, we will help you along the way in: 

  • Finding suitable housing 
  • Opening a Dutch bank account 
  • Take out necessary insurances, such as health insurance
  • House not furnished? No worries, we'll take you shopping
  • Registration at city hall and get your Dutch social security number
Step 5: Working and Integrating
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Step 5: Working and Integrating

So your first day at your new job has passed. Well done. Now it's time to earn that permanent contract at the client. 

That doesn't mean our and your work is over. Getting up your feet in a new country isn't always easy and you will encounter some difficult moments. No secret. 

That is why during your employment via Sempre Technology you will have: 

  • One dedicated point of contact
  • Dutch language training 
  • Job/Technical training
  • The possibility to apply for Tax Benefits 
  • The chance to take part in social events organised by Sempre  
  • Get career development advice

We as Sempre Technology: "Stay in touch"

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