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Martijn Echten - Founder
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Martijn Echten - Founder

Hai, my name is Martijn Echten,

After working for several years in the recruitment industry and fulfilling several roles, together with Stefan Schepers I started up Sempre Technology.

I have always been driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and that together with the ambition to create a company where people can develop themselves resulted in a well-established and healthy company with a nationwide coverage.

With the Sempre Team we offer all the assistance needed to give you a soft landing in the Netherlands so that you only have to focus on your first working day in your new job. Since we want to be a non-hierarchic company operationally, I will remain the first point of contact for candidates, employees and of course, our customers, who we help to overcome a shortage of skilled engineers and technicians.

Feel free to contact me to get acquainted with each other or to spar as I’m always open to expand my network or to give advice when needed.

You can reach me on m.echten@sempre-technology.com