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From conceptual idea to maintenance

From our business proposition, we recruit technical experts from all over the world who can be active within a machine's life cycle: from the conceptual phase to the final installation and maintenance of the machine.

What part of the machine life cycle is your expertise or need? 

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Research & Development

R&D Engineers are engaged in the first part of a machine life cycle. These engineers will validate the concepts and enroll the roadmap for the next steps of the machine lifecycle. The background of the R&D engineers are mainly:

  • Physics
  • Software
  • Mathematics
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System Engineering

Engineering responds to profiles aimed at development, design and detailing of machines, technical installations and technical products. This specialization can be subdivided into 3 sub-groups: Mechanics, Electronics and Software.

  • The mechanical engineers use CAD / CAE / CFD programs to convert concepts into hardware.
  • The software engineers write the control software that is required to control the hardware.
  • The electrical engineers take care of the electronic designs at component level.
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"After 2 weeks of my first contact with Sempre Technology, I was signing my contract for the SQE role. And in such challenging times we are all facing now, I was really impressed, the process was really fast and smoothly. Great communication, transparency and integrity through the entire process. And I still be able to learn some Dutch!"

Catia - Supplier Quality Engineer at Tegema

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Manufacturing & Test

Within this division we work with companies in the area's of High Tech, Automotive and Machine building. The third part in the machine life cycle is a fit for talent with a passion for: 

  • Parts Manufacturing (CNC Machining)
  • Mechanical & Electrical Assembly 
  • Machine & Component Testing 
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Install & Service

This division focuses on the last phase of the process, the installation and ultimately the maintenance of machines. These activities can take place both at home soil and abroad.

We focus on: 

  • Maintenance Engineers/Technicians
  • Mechanical Install Engineer 
  • System Install Engineer (Electrical and Automation) 
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