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Self-development of people is centralised

That's where we stand for and practice everyday with the Sempre Technology Team. Find our team members below and feel free to get in contact! 

Stefan Schepers - Sempre technology
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Stefan Schepers - Founder

My name is Stefan Schepers and I'm one of the founders of Sempre Technology BV. I have a technical background in Mechanical engineering and worked all my professional life in the technical staffing and recruitment business.

Our ideology is that we like to contribute to help our employees to achieve their fulfillment in their professional life.

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Martijn Echten
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Martijn Echten - Founder

Hai, my name is Martijn Echten,

After working for several years in the recruitment industry and fulfilling several roles, I started up Sempre Technology together with Stefan Schepers. 

I have always been driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and that together with the ambition to create a company where people can develop themselves resulted in a well-established and healthy company with a nationwide coverage.

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"I would describe Sempre as the teacher in a school and the company I work as the principal. Teachers care about you more in a human level and interact with you on a daily basis, try to help you and make you feel protected. Principals are more focused on results and outcomes after the end of a period rather than daily."

Sempre Technology Employee

Stefanie Straten-Lakwijk
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Stefanie Straten-Lakwijk - Office Manager

Welcome! My name is Stefanie Straten, I´m the Office Manager at Sempre Technology.

What I like most about working at Sempre Technology is finding a solution for every challenge, ensuring that all employees are helped. Also supporting them in achieving their personal ambitions, so that they can continue to develop as professionals.

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Stijn Lemmens
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Stijn Lemmens - Business Manager

Hello, my name is Stijn Lemmens, I joined the Sempre Technology team as a Business Manager in April 2020.

Before Sempre I had been working in the world of recruitment, where I gained a lot of experience.  Sempre’s ambition is to ensure that you, as a candidate and team member, will  get the opportunity to fulfil your career ambitions.

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